AssetLink’s AssetPack-3TM (AP3TM)

A solar-powered, low cost, low profile, untethered, rugged two-way global GPS satellite tracker and multi-sensor gateway

The AssetLink AssetPack-3 (AP3) global satellite IoT gateway provides both a versatile, two-way asset tracking modem with GPS, and a sensor monitoring solution especially designed for remote unpowered assets, all with solar powered operation. The AP3 is a completely enclosed, self-contained, waterproof, dustproof, fully-ruggedized solution that enables pinpoint monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset anywhere in the world.

For applications beyond GPS, it can be rapidly configured to monitor a wide range of analog and digital sensors and data inputs.The AP3 leverages the global coverage of the Iridium satellite network to provide reliable, uninterrupted, two-way data communication between assets in the field and back-office enterprise applications.

The AssetPack™ (AP) is a durable, multi-functional device designed to provide low cost of ownership with long 10 year service life and easy installation and maintenance features.

The device is a self-contained, low profile, environmentally sealed asset gateway, powered by an energy efficient solar-rechargeable battery engineered to survive long low sun conditions and provide up to 10 years of data with zero maintenance. The AP can be mounted on almost any type of asset used in the world’s harshest conditions. Because it is intrinsically safe, it can be used in hazardous locations (HAZLOC) to track hazardous material shipments (HAZMAT) or monitor hazardous operations.

The AP features advanced memory-rich, on-board processing capabilities supporting highly configurable modes of operations, business logic, reporting rates, alert thresholds, on-board geofences and configurable IO interfaces for various sensor-based applications. Everything is configurable over the air. The AP leverages the 100% reliable global two-way coverage of the Iridium satellite network and/or next generation cellular technology providing seamless uninterrupted connectivity and access to fixed and mobile assets anywhere.

The AP delivers actionable information that helps businesses optimize operational efficiencies and reduce cost making this device an ideal solution for tracking and managing of almost any unpowered asset such as trailers, containers, vessels. The AP can be remotely managed through the AssetLink DeviceManager user interface or via API so that actionable information can be visualized through any AssetLink Value Added Reseller or customer data system.


AssetLink AssetPack-3